Fancy a French styled luncheonette?

Featuring in the top-10 list of many bloggers, Lazy Suzy is must try café for the gourmets in Bengaluru city.

Painted in bright hues of blue and yellow with an outlined cat in slumber, complimented by a yawning lopsided tree in the front, the quirky little café welcomes you to get a shade of French setting.

Everything, from the colours on the wall to the bright lamps hanging upside down, from the pepper green crockery to the creatively designed menu booklet, this café does not fall short of amazing you in any visual category.

The spectrum of visual delights extend seamlessly to the splendid variety of desserts adorning the display case. Tarts, colourful cakes, crunchy pastries and flavourful pies; the eyes simply oscillate from one to another in dilemma to feast on only a few of them.

Not only the ambience and desserts but this eccentric luncheonette boasts of a sumptuous variety of delectable thin-crust pizzas, pastas with a range of fulfilling sandwiches and burger. No reason, barring the prejudice I had for a thin crust pizza, we ordered only pizzas there. The pizzas base had a wafer-crisp crunch to it while the pepperoni, chicken and vegetables, perched atop, were cooked to perfection with a melting mozzarella completing the taste satiating bread.

We ordered five of the pizzas listed in their menu, all of which were consistently scrumptious which makes me believe, none of their other delicacies would be disappointing.

After a lip smacking feast, it was time for the hard choice of handpicking the finest dessert; I settled for a safe raspberry cheese cake. As expected, a bite was like a piece of heaven in my mouth. I like the desserts which are not all sweet; a fleck of salt in the base amalgamated with the tender sweetness of cream and a homogeneous coating of electric raspberry slush, provided for the cake, just as I like it.

Average cost for 2: Rs.1200 Where to find: 36, 80 Feet Rd, HAL 3rd Stage, Indiranagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560075

Recommended: Pizzas (choose any) with a chilled coke.

Flip side: With due credits for the food and ambience, the service was too slow. It wasn’t bad but slow, too slow. We were out during our lunch hour on a working Friday and all onus on their service, our lunch hour became 2 hours long. Be wary if you are just sneaking out of your workplace, you can’t evade your boss’s attention.

Oh, and yes, their beverages are super expensive. So, go for the regular aerated drinks except if you want to shell you too much.